How to Prevent The Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau

Weight loss isn’t easy to achieve, and if you are undertaking that journey, it may feel as though you’re fighting against your body’s every natural instinct. Weight loss plateaus often occur despite rigorously following an improved eating plan. That may not inspire much motivation, but there is an explanation for this phenomenon, and it can … Continue Reading

Understanding the Causes of Chronic Back Pain and How to Relieve it with Exercise

Chronic back pain

Back pain has become synonymous with adulthood. Many people have learned to live with chronic lower or upper back pain and adapted their lifestyles around the limitations that come with it. Discovering the precise causes of chronic back pain will enable us to rectify it; whether it is an imbalance, an injury, or a weakness. … Continue Reading

How to Fix Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Have you ever stopped before you put a piece of food in your mouth and asked yourself WHY you are eating? Many people don’t eat to satisfy hunger. Instead, people eat to combat unidentified or unexpressed feelings, which is the definition of emotional eating. Triggers for emotional eating: ·       Stress ·   … Continue Reading

Why You REALLY Should Detox


Whatever negative association you may have with the word “detox” set it aside and consider this:  They are absolutely crucial for vitality, fat loss, and everything in between. What is Detoxification? Detoxification is a transformation process wherein the body identifies harmful substances, transforms them into a less toxic form, and safely excretes them. The human … Continue Reading

Motivation is a Lie

motivation is a lie

“Motivation is a lie, and habits take more than 30 days to create.” This statement holds true in any context, but this blog discusses how it is relevant to weight loss. The majority of people who join a studio intend to lose weight, and the most important formula anyone attempting to lose weight needs to … Continue Reading