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We're Experts at Getting Results!

At Back on Track Fitness we’re completely committed to changing lives and transforming people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our community doesn’t stop when the class ends. We have a private Facebook so you can ask questions, share experiences, and talk about anything you want.

“Our ultimate goal is to see you HAPPY!”

We have groups of 6-8 people per personal trainer. The trainer stays with you walking you through all of the exercises, so all you have to do is turn up knowing a fun and unique class has been planned for you.

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"I was having trouble sleeping, I had no energy. I came to Back on Track and lost 24 kilos, everyone I bump into says how wonderful I look. I'd recommend Back on Track to anyone who wants to look in the mirror and love themself again."

"I started at 114 kilos, I'm now down to 88 kilos. I feel a lot more energised. I've learned a lot about nutrition and calorie intake. They keep me accountable, I feel like I'm part of a community rather than on my own."

"We've been coming for 4 years. It's hard work but fun work so we're really enjoying it. I was nervous at the start because I was so big, I was bordering on 150 kilos. I've dropped 30 kilos and I can't thank Back on Track enough."

Pride In The Pack

Saturday's wolf pack
Michelle lost 30kgs

“Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.”

Like the wolf, we are stronger as a pack. At Back on Track, we’ve built a close-knit community of members who all have one goal in common: to get the best from themselves.

Our community environment means you’re always supported in your fitness journey. Whether you’re starting out, coming back, or a regular, there’s always someone who’s at the same level.

If you’re looking for a fitness experience that is focussed on building a supportive community, talk to us today.

Together, let's reach your goals.