The Best Weapon in the Battle Against Cellulite: A Personal Trainer for Women

If you dread the onset of swimsuit season because you don’t want to bare those cottage cheese thighs, you are not alone. 80-90% of women are plagued by cellulite on their hips, legs, butt, stomach or even arms.

We live in an advanced society–medicine should have an answer to this problem! There are shelves full of beauty creams and doctor’s offices full of promises that cellulite can be defeated without any change in habits. The unfortunate truth is that creams and procedures are temporary solutions at best, and a colossal waste of money at worst. If you are going to put your hard-earned dollars towards a cellulite solution, your best chance at success is hiring a personal trainer for women.

What Causes Cellulite?

If you struggle to believe that a healthier you could genuinely be the solution to cellulite, let’s look at what causes it. The Mayo Clinic states that “little is known about what causes cellulite,” but does note that cellulite can become more visible with weight gain or in areas with higher amounts of fat. Osteopathic physician Lionel Bissoon provides a more in-depth explanation, detailing that cellulite occurs in women as the result of the decrease in estrogen in the body, which begins happening as early as 25 years old. When estrogen decreases, women’s circulation gets worse, and collagen production decreases. To add to the bad news, around this same time fat cells start to become larger and more visible and push their way through the remaining collagen, creating the bumpy looking skin we hatefully refer to as cellulite.

Does that mean there is no hope? Are we are all destined to get cellulite no matter what? No. While it is impossible to calculate if or when cellulite will appear on any given woman, it is not difficult to believe that someone with a sedentary lifestyle complicated by overeating is more likely to fall victim to it more quickly.

Can Cellulite Be Stopped?

Given all of the information above, it appears that three factors need to be addressed to reduce the appearance of cellulite:

  • Fat
  • Circulation
  • Collagen Production

Cellulite Creams and Procedures

Plenty of creams exist to target cellulite. Some block the formation of fat or improve problem areas temporarily, some promise to spur collagen production, but none can improve circulation. Injections can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but must be repeated to maintain the results. Liposuction removes fat cells, but won’t remove cellulite. There are some needle and laser treatments, but they tend to run upwards of $4,000 and typically require a repeat visit.

How Can a Personal Trainer Help?

First, let’s address a common myth: no matter how good they are, no personal trainer can target one specific area for fat or cellulite removal. It’s just not possible. Instead, a personal trainer will create a program for you that utilises both diet and exercise to change your metabolism, improve your circulation and reduce your body fat.

So, while a personal trainer cannot target your cottage cheese thighs specifically, they can write a training program for you that focuses on strengthening your lower body, which will help improve the appearance of those thighs. But your legs will not be the only thing they focus on, personal trainers desire to help you change your body from the inside out.

A trainer will teach you how to make better food choices and help you limit your caloric intake. They will show you how to lift weights and set specific goals for your cardiovascular training, which will, in turn, tighten and tone your entire body, including any problem areas. As a result, your personal trainer will help you remove or reduce the appearance of cellulite by training your body to eliminate excess layers of fat and turn food into muscle.

One other benefit of working with a personal trainer is that exercise creates younger looking skin. If you recall, one cause of cellulite is a decrease in collagen production, which occurs as skin ages. In a study performed measuring the appearance of the buttock skin of a group of individuals who were 65 years and older, researchers found that adding 30 minutes of exercise twice a week at a challenging pace changed their skin tissue. No longer did the cells of their buttocks resemble a 65-year-old, they resembled those of someone 20 to 40 years younger.

Unlike any of the other possible solutions, the positive results of working with a personal trainer last as long as you engage in new, healthy habits. Working with a personal trainer can give you the tools to win the battle against cellulite for the rest of your life.


Hiring a personal trainer for women is your best investment to reduce the appearance of cellulite. While many creams and procedures promise to eliminate it, the only solution that attacks its three major causes effectively and with lasting results is diet and exercise.

If you’re after lasting results and need some guidance from qualified Personal Trainers around diet and exercise, come and join our supportive community at Back on Track Fitness. Contact us today.

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