Gym clothes, diary and watch - break from fitness training

How To Get Back On Track After A Fitness Break

By Back on Track Fitness / June 27, 2017

Fitness is a lifelong commitment. Being physically fit at one point in your life, even on an elite level in your twenties, does not mean you will stay that way without committing time and energy to doing so. In fact, it does not mean you will stay in decent shape as you get older. You … Continue Reading

Cardio and Strength Training

Cardio and Strength Training: Do You Mix Both?

By Back on Track Fitness / May 27, 2017

Why is a balanced workout important? Time and time again, we have been reminded of the importance of living a healthy and well-balanced life. From the food we eat to the amount of sleep we get each night, we are given recommendations of how much is considered adequate for good health. However, food and sleep … Continue Reading