• Why You Won’t Reach Your Goals on Your Own

    Why You Won’t Reach Your Goals on Your Own

    Have you lost interest in working out and reaching for your fitness goals? It might be because you are going it alone. While some people don’t mind hitting the gym on their own, others need someone to get them through a workout without feeling like giving up.

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    If you are wondering, below are some reasons why going it alone can actually hamper your fitness goals, rather than help you achieve them.


    1. Lack of Motivation

    It’s no surprise that lack of motivation is one of the biggest reasons why people put off exercising for later and abandon their dreams of having the perfect body. People have the tendency to expect to see results as quickly as and with the least amount of effort possible. But we all know, that’s not how fitness works. To reach your goals, you need motivational support–something that can and will inspire you to keep going.

    Working out with a group or another person offers you a much-needed motivation, especially during times when you are tempted to skip out. When you have someone else motivating you, you are less likely to slack off.

    2. No Accountability

    When undertaking a life-altering path, such as one towards mental and physical fitness, keeping at it and staying accountable can be difficult, particularly in the beginning. Knowing you have someone who will help you be honest with yourself is imperative.

    Whether it’s your friend or a trainer, an “accountability police” will make sure you don’t stray from your goals. He or she will push you to your limits when he or she sees that aren’t pushing yourself and call you out when you’re cheating.

    3. You Get Bored Easily

    They say time flies when you’re having fun. That’s true, especially when exercising with another person. Doing a physical activity, no matter how exciting it is at fist, can bore you when it gets repetitive. The result: You tend to lose interest and skip exercise.

    But when you do it with someone else, even the longest and most intense circuit training will seem to last only a few minutes. That’s because you are not focused on how long or how hard the workout is, but on how fun and re-energizing it feels afterwards.

    4. There’s No One to Guide You

    When it comes to exercising, safety is always the number one priority. A workout partner means you will have a spotter for heavy weights, so you won’t have to worry much about any risk of injury. Meanwhile, if you run with someone else or cycle with a group, it reduces your odds of getting mugged.

    Stop flying solo. Look for an exercise buddy, join a class, or enlist a trainer and gear up for a fruitful workout to get that body into shape, pronto!

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