• The Top 6 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes (Infographic)

    The Top 6 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes (Infographic)

    There’s a really logical explanation for why we all stop exercising as adults when, as children, no one ever had to lecture us about the benefits of running and getting our hearts pumping.


    Think about it. How often do you see children running, racing, being rambunctious – all alone? Maybe a few dedicated young athletes are willing to train all by their lonesomes, but as a rule, most strenuous childhood activity happens in the company of playmates.

    That’s what makes group fitness classes so appealing; they meet that basic human need that’s missing in so many efforts to get fit: fellowship.
    Group exercise classes do so much more than just provide a place to work out in front of other people. They provide participants with the same elements that made playtime so much fun as youngsters: teammates.

    If you’ve been struggling with your decision to get fit, it’s possible that a group fitness class could be just what you’ve been missing. Here are the six top reasons that group exercise classes are both popular and productive.

     Benefits of Group Fitness Classes Infogrpahic

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