• The Lazy Person’s Fitness Guide – Tips to Get You Up and Going

    The Lazy Person’s Fitness Guide – Tips to Get You Up and Going

    There are people who work out religiously, and then there are those who, no matter how hard they try, just seem to never find the motivation they need to do so. Would someone really want to leave the comforts of their bed just to experience the breathlessness and exhaustion exercise offers?

    We get it, hitting the gym does not exactly spell F-U-N. But if you keep making excuses, you can’t expect those pounds to disappear on their own. Fortunately, there are ways to force yourself off the couch and into exercising even when you are feeling super lazy.

    Below are a few tips to get your lazy butt in the game once and for all.

    1. Go for Short or Easy, But Never Both at the Same Time.

    Personal Trainer and Online Editor of Women’s Health UK Alice Beverton-Palmer admits that she, too, was one lazy girl when it comes to working out. But she managed to reform those lazy ways by deciding which type of exercise she preferred doing: short and intense or long and slow.

    Decide what kind of lazy girl [or guy] you are: Do you want to minimize your time in the gym or avoid working up a sweat? Short, intense workouts and long, slow cardio are both great fat burners.

    1. Reward Yourself.

    There is no better way to motivate a lazy person than by the reward they can get in the end, don’t you agree? Indulge yourself to that piece of doughnut you’ve been eyeing for days or treat yourself a new gear once you meet your fitness goals. Think of whatever rewards you are willing to work for and motivation will come easy.

    1. Build Workout into Your Routine.

    You don’t necessarily have to work up a sweat for hours just to stay fit. According to RealBuzz.com, mixing a dash of exercise into your daily routine works, too! In fact, regular daily activities such as doing housework, taking the stairs, or walking to restaurants and shops could be effective workouts, as well.

    Start making changes in your lifestyle. Ride a bike going to work or walk up your entire commute. Better yet, put your multi-tasking skill to good use and sneak in a few minutes of workout while brushing your teeth!

    1. Ask a Friend to Workout with You.

    Sometimes, a push is all you need to start getting active. Schedule a fitness date with your buddy a few times each week and make attending a workout session part of your social life. Beyond catching up with your friends or teammates, you can treat their progress as your inspiration to exercise harder.

    1. Hire Outside Help.

    Are you the kind of person who easily wimps out when the going gets tough? Sign up for group classes or enlist a personal trainer to keep you on track. An awesome instructor may also revitalize your routine to avoid having to feel bored when working out.

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