• The Functional Workout Routine – Part 1

    The Functional Workout Routine – Part 1

    There are many reasons not to exercise.

    Of course, there are always the couch potato types who haven’t even considered trying to get in shape. That’s really not what I’m talking about. Even among those who are serious about disciplining their bodies to stay fit, there are a host of reasons why many people fail to realise their physical potential.

    Workout dumble

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    For some people, the cost factor is prohibitive. The idea that to get in shape, they must purchase expensive weight machines and dedicate a room in their home to exercise is enough to make them give up the idea altogether.

    For others, the idea of weight machines themselves is a turn-off. After all, how can performing the same unnatural actions over and over really translate into real life physical preparedness?

    For yet other people, the desire to build muscle makes flexibility and balance exercises seem tame and lame, even though in most everyday situations, balance and flexibility are almost as valuable as strength.

    Enter functional workouts.

    The perfect answer to just about any excuse you could invent, functional workout routines are designed to provide your body with a multitude of strength-building exercise in a free-form paradigm.

    Instead of mindlessly chugging away at a weight machine, functional training requires concentration on the free weights that you are straining to hold over your head. Balance, flexibility, and endurance – which most people consider just as vital as strength – are enhanced as a result of functional workout routines. Coordination, posture, and agility are also big perks of using functional workouts. Let’s take a look at some functional workouts.

    Squat to Press with Dumbbells
    First, begin by bringing a set of dumbbells to your chest. It’s important not to use dumbbells that are too light. Lower yourself into a squat, and then rise up again and carefully lift the weights over your head.

    In this exercise, not only is strength training being accomplished, but the whole body is also being trained to focus and stay aligned to prevent hyperextension of the elbows once the arms are outstretched. Balance is also being perfected, which is something that isn’t needed during a session on the bench press machine or the leg press.

    Stair Climb with Dumbbell Curls

    Another example of a functional workout routine is to go up and down a flight of stairs holding dumbbells. As you ascend the stairs, bring the dumbbells up in bicep curls. On your way down the stairs each time, just hold the weights at your waist.

    Not only will this exercise strengthen your arms, but it will also increase your stamina for everyday tasks.

    Norman Mailer said, “Any workout which does not involve a certain minimum of danger or responsibility does not improve the body – it just wears it out.” Really, that’s what exercise is all about; it’s not about looking better on the outside. Exercise is about strengthening what’s on the inside so that we can perform at our peak every day, so we can serve our loved ones better.

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