• The Burpee Workout Tips

    The Burpee Workout Tips

    The popular burpee workout or circuit workouts is not at all a “flash in the pan” sortie. It was discovered in 1939 by Royal H. Burpee, a renowned physiologist. This has started way back in the 1940’s and was originally intended to be a fitness test for men who wanted to enlist in the military. This workout is further intensified by integrating more challenging moves called the basic 4-count movement in fitness evaluation.

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    The basic 4-count movement provides a full body aerobic and anaerobic exercise included in high intensity interval training (HIIT) or strength training. This is a full body weight exercise where you use your own body weight for lifting and pushing that builds and tones the muscles concentrating on the core, legs, butt, back, chest, and arms. You can burn as much as 50% more calories with the burpee workout without the use of any equipment or tools as compared to other training sessions, making it very functional and effective form of exercise by today’s young breed of fitness enthusiasts

    Here are burpee workout tips from Physio Detective and Housatonic Valley Crossfit to accelerate weight loss and building muscles:

    1. Space out your burpees. You can break up your sets according to your own pace. Start by aiming for a target number of burpees and plan your resting time as well. If your target is 60 burpees for 5 minutes that would give you like 12 reps for 50 seconds and a leeway of 10 seconds for rest. The idea behind this is to reduce fatigue and muscle loss by controlling your heart rate. You get to bust out more reps when you change the game plan a bit according to what works for your body.

    2. Tighten your core. While doing the burpee routine, it is crucial to keep your core and butt tight as this will help strengthen your core and increase caloric burn. In addition, this also reduces and prevents damage and undue stress on your spinal column which could lead to lower back pain.

    3. Loosen up. If you tend to tighten when doing the burpee routine, you might want to relax to give you intensified bursts of energy on doing more reps. Let gravity work on you when you do the jump routine. Relaxing your body will help lessen the fatigue and enhance your endurance throughout the whole routine.

    4. Modify transitions. You get to do more reps if you know how to effectively jump from one transition step to the next one. If you can cut down the time you allocate for one position then you can improve on increasing the intensity for doing burpees per minute.

    According to recent research, the burpee is regarded to be one of the best exercise that increases metabolism and is a good cardio-respiratory workout that will help you lose the excess flab while building muscles at a much shorter target time than other workout regimen. Apart from this, the burpee is also a perfect conditioning workout for the entire body. The perks of doing an intense workout that will leave you well-toned and fully energised at no costs make the burpee a top pick for athletes, fitness gurus, trainers, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.

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