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Pele 24kg Before and After

Pele 24kg Before and After


Bill 1 Year Before and After

Bill 1yr Before and After



cp1“All I can say is that you would be lucky to have him as your personal trainer”

Brydon Coles’ personal training regime changed me permanently! His careful, knowledgeable and individually tailored program transformed my energy sapped overweight body and aching damaged back, into a restored, muscled up, fitness filled machine.
His strategies for achieving a healthy and strong body are unique and crafted to become part of your daily life habits so you don’t lose the body changes over time. This was only possible because of the time and effort Brydon took to understand my challenges, needs, and goals.
I have already recommended Brydon to the people I care most for, and all I can say is that you would be lucky to have him as your personal trainer.


  • Goals: Fat Loss, Strength and Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Kg’s Lost: 10.4kgs (86.3 – 75.9kgs)
  • Cm’s Lost: 19cm (8 inches) off waist
  • Time Frame: 6 months
  • Best Achievement:
  • Body Fat 24 – 16%
  • No Back Pain
  • Started weights for the first time ever
  • Back into boxing





“Once you start and see results you won’t look back”

One of the best things about signing up to personal training with Brydon has been the constant flow of advice and commitment that he has to his clients. He takes time to explain the exercise and also the different muscle groups that it is going to target.

Being new to weights I had no idea about correct technique and posture and have learnt a lot through the personal training sessions and know I still have more to go. It has also given me the tools I need to correct my diet and get the most out of my training when I head into the gym on my own whether it be with weights or cardio.

Nutrition is also a key part of the personal training program and Brydon has passed on his knowledge from the Charles Poliquin – Bio Signature programs of which the Meat and Nut breakfast has been a key learn for me. In addition, the advice around supplements and the benefits different supplements have has been key in helping me reach my goals.

The monthly strength testing, 12 site skin fold testing and body measurements has also been a driver in my results. I used to pay too much attention to the weight on the scales but now know that it isn’t always the numbers on the scales that matter but more so the measurements behind it.
Between February 2013 – May 2013 I went on to lose 17kgs and am now only 3kgs away from my goal weight which I am on track to reach by June.

Lastly, I know the first thing most people think about when deciding whether to start training with a Personal Trainer is cost – and I did the same thing, but just think about the cost of not doing anything. Once you start and see results you won’t look back.

Good luck!


  • Goals: Lose 15kgs for Europe Trip
  • Kg’s Lost: 17.6kgs (111.9– 94.3kgs)
  • Cm’s Lost: 63.5cm
  • Time Frame: 11 weeks
  • Best Achievement:
  • Lost 24.5cm (9inches) off waist
  • Lost 21% Body Fat
  • Beat my 15kg goal by 2kgs
  • High School Weight




Cindy-back“I have now lost roughly 23kg and have never felt better. Can’t stop smiling!”

Before signing up with Back on Track Fitness I was at my heaviest, unfit, unhealthy, negative and unhappiest place. First day I met with Brydon was way out of my comfort zone and when he asked me what my goals are, all I said was I want to be able to smile again (thinking weight loss was unachievable). When he told me he had many clients lose 15kg or more I laughed at the prospect of me even losing 10kg.

He set a goal for me to lose 15-20kg but to me this was the most unachievable goal. But with Brydon’s diet plan, encouragement and extensive knowledge of supplements, workout routines, his constant support, understanding and flexibility I can proudly say with Brydon’s help I have reached beyond my goal in a short period of time (6 months).  I believe it is true that losing weight isn’t a physical challenge but a mental one. Having said that, I have now lost roughly 23kg and have never felt better. Can’t stop smiling!

Goals: Weight Loss, Self-EsteemCindy-side

Kg’s Lost: 22.7kgs (85.8 to 63.1)

Cm’s Lost: 92.5cm

Time Frame: 6 months

Best Achievement:

  • Lost 30cm (12inches) off waist
  • Lost 33% of total body weight
  • Improved Self-Esteem



Michelle-front “I was in my pre-pregnancy clothes in under 16 weeks… I’m now the leanest and most toned that I have ever been”

I gained 25kgs as a result of my pregnancy; lost 8kgs post labour and struggled to shed the rest off. Deep down I knew that I needed to shed more but didn’t know where to start or how. 

One initial meet and greet with Brydon and I felt more motivated than ever as he laid out the expectations and strategy and exuded complete confidence that my goals were more than achievable under his guidance.

Well the results speak for themselves. My family noticed first at 4 weeks, then my work colleagues at 8 weeks and I was in my pre-pregnancy clothes in less than 16 weeks having lost at least 19cms off my belly!! This was 4 weeks ahead of schedule! I’m now the leanest and most toned that I have ever been in my entire life and I used to attend 5 hours of gym classes per week!!!

I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about change and needs that stern voice/guidance! He’s so good that even my husband signed up! Can’t thank him enough for the change made in my life thus far;

Thank you!!

Goals: Get back to Pre-Baby Weight

Kg’s Lost: 7.9kgs (61.6– 53.7kgs)

Cm’s Lost: 73cm

Time Frame: 6 months

Best Achievement:

  • Lose 19cm off waist (8.5inches)
  • Pre-Baby Weight
  • -14% Body Fat



Lance “I ended up coming 2nd out of 100 people in the 8 week challenge, but had many members telling me my photos were by far the greatest change”

Having been training for 7 months and only losing 7kgs I decided to take part in a 8 week challenge run at my studio. I was frustrated at how slowly (if at all) the results were coming and knew I needed to try something different. I approached Brydon and got started on some semi-private group sessions. This was a big step for me as I have never had a personal trainer before. I learnt some valuable lessons in his diet session and those alone helped me to go on and lose 11kgs in the next 8 weeks! I could not believe how fast the weight was falling off, especially from my stomach.. A real testimony to Brydon and his teaching

I have learnt more in the past 4 months of training with Brydon then I have in in my pervious 2 decades of training by myself. Brydon really helped my to focus upon the areas I needed to focus on in order to gain the best possible results. He even rid me of my lower back pain, which has plagued me for the past 15years!!! I feel alive, my self-esteem has improved and my only regret is that I didn’t start training with Brydon years earlier.

Thanks you Brydon. I am a changed man and you have really helped me to better myself in many aspects of my life. To anyone who is looking for a personal trainer, I cannot recommend Brydon high enough. His dedication and knowledge is second to none and I promise you will not regret it!

Thank you Brydon!

Goals: Break Plateau, Weight-loss, Shape up

Kg’s Lost: 11.5kgs (113.7– 101.2kgs)

Cm’s Lost: 60cm

Time Frame: 8 weeks

Best Achievement:

  • 2/100 for 8 Week Challenge
  • Busted 4 month Plateau
  • Lost 18cm (7inches) off waist