• Quick Exercises to Jumpstart your Day

    Quick Exercises to Jumpstart your Day


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    Surveys show that one of the main reasons why mothers—maybe stay at home or working are not into exercising is because of the lack of time. Being a mother, it is innate for them to attend to the needs of their family—especially their children first before their own.

    Most moms have a strict schedule to follow everyday: from waking up until going to bed. Every hour of the day is detailed with to do lists that they are always moving, always on the go. But, you can always squeeze in a little time for working out. This may even help you be more energized and happy throughout the day.

    When to do it? As early as you wake up.

    There’s nothing wrong in sneaking a few minutes of workout—even stretching alone, before proceeding with your day. As a matter of fact, doing a little bit of exercise first thing in the morning really jumpstarts your day.

    According to a study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, little bits and pieces of exercise, including one minute exercises can impact weight loss and overall fitness. Early morning workouts will boost your metabolism and set up a fast pacing throughout the day. Doing so will also help you feel more energized at work or at home, doing your hands-on mommy duties.

    Here are some brisk and basic exercises for you to kick start your day:

    Jumping jacks can be done anywhere: beside your bed, in the kitchen or at the garden. You can even do some rounds while waiting for the coffee to brew or the shower to heat up. One minute of continuous jumping jacks definitely counts as intense activity.

    Push-ups are another easy, yet effective exercise that doesn’t need much space and any equipment. Do as many repetitions as you can in one minute. Do it on the floor, while standing up against the wall and experiment with the level of difficulty.

    Take the stairs, and take it again. Especially when you are running around in the morning, taking the stairs up and down numerous times can actually perk you up and initiate better muscle movement. Take it to the next level by (carefully) running upstairs, taking two steps at once.

    Or you can do this easy, five-minute workout routine that covers the exercise needed for your upper body, core and lower body.


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    To loosen up stiff muscles and joints, do each exercise for 30 seconds, immediately after the previous one. Repeat the routine twice with no rest intervals.

    1. Tricep dips
    2. V-Ups
    3. High-to-Low Plank
    4. Plyometric Lunge
    5. Bicycles

    Better yet, if you are up for a dare, take this 7-day morning fitness challenge that will definitely prep you for your busy day! This routine is carefully put together by a fellow mother, who wanted to make changes in her lifestyle by challenging herself in balancing the time she gives for her family and the effort she gives for own health. If she can do it, why can’t you?

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