Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training (SPT) is our flagship training method and is our most personalized of the options. Participants will be matched up with people of similar ability and goals. This will create a unity amongst the group and a healthy competitive spirit ensuring that all participants get the absolute most out of their training. SPT will be delivered in a 40-minute training period, which is the ideal time for members to get the perfectly delivered time effective workout without the risk of over training.

SPT offers two 6-on-1 sessions with an experienced trainer as well as access to up to 6 extra sessions with the silver and gold memberships. This ensures that the individual has the flexibility to mix and match a timetable that will suit their personal needs.  SPT includes the benefits of a comprehensive diet program, and weekly email/phone support from their nominated fitness coach, as well as 6 weekly testing, which includes measurements, photos, and fitness/strength tests. SPT is specifically designed to push you further and keep you on track, motivated and encouraged to reach your goals and more.

I recommend SPT training for those who want to see measured results and challenge themselves while under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer.  SPT will incorporate a wider variety of training specifically targeted to the group, their needs and personal goals. Our guarantee is that you will be fitter, stronger and experience more energy than you will ever have before.

What’s Included:
–    2x 45minute Personal Training Sessions
–    Choice of 1 extra boxing/circuit or weights class
–    Full Fitness Evaluation every 6 Weeks
–    Full Nutrition and Supplements Program with 60min seminar
–    Online support with access to nutritional and technique videos
–    Male and Female only classes available
–    Available days are Monday + Wednesday OR Tuesday + Thursday

Boot Camp Training (Females only)
from $46/week

While we are all familiar with the concept of Boot Camps, you have never experienced something quite like this. Set up is a mixture of weights and circuit type training that, although in a group, allows participants the opportunity to push themselves in accordance with their personal fitness levels. You will be instructed through your sessions by 2 of our exceptional staff who know when you need a push and at the same time correcting technique.

What’s Included:
– 3x 45minute Boot camp sessions/week
– Choice of extra boxing/circuit/weights classes
– Full Fitness Evaluation every 6 Weeks
– Full Nutrition and Supplements Program with 60min seminar
– Online support with access to nutritional and technique videos
– AM or PM sessions

Personal Training


Extra Classes for Faster Results
*Included in addition to your Semi-Private and Boot Camp memberships

–    Wednesday 645pm
–    Thursday 815pm
–    High Intensity
–    Technique Work
–    Calorie Crunching
–    Loads of fun
–    45 minutes

Technique and Extra Weights
–    Tuesday 815pm
A 60minute class where the individual can choose a prescribed session focusing on parts of the body they would like to improve on. For example, a guy might like to build up his upper body or a lady might like to do some extra leg work and core work. Either way both are covered in this class. Sessions are written up on the board and you will be partnered up with another member training the same area; aka a gym buddy!

If learning how to be technically sound is more you thing, a qualified personal trainer will be on hand to teach you how to prefect your Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These are 3 of the more technical lifts that if done right, can be hugely beneficial to your weight loss and muscle gaining ambitions. Our trainers have been taught by World Record Power Lifter Layne Norton and are only too happy to pass on the knowledge gained.

What’s Included:
–    Learn how to properly master the art of Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press
–    Learn secret
–    Reduces injury risk and increases your lifting ability
–    Have a specific session drawn up for you to focus on areas YOU want and need
–    60 minutes

–    Friday 645pm
–    Saturday 730am
This circuit class includes 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and 20minutes with a boxing coach. The class will be full body workouts and will ensure a challenging session no matter your fitness or experience level. If you can’t find the motivation to complete extra sessions in your own time – this is a great way to mingle with the other members while working up a great Saturday morning sweat!

What’s Included:
–    40/10s interval training
–    Loads of fun and variety
–    High Intensity!
–    Burn in excess of 400calories!
–    45 minutes

–    Saturday 815am
Stretching along with core is very important in all aspects of life on and off the track. Completing this weekly stretch class will ensure that you are able to maximize the full benefits of the other training sessions while keeping pain and injury free. Classes are designed to assist the body in its recovery after exercise, whilst establishing a more relaxed and low-key environment.

What’s Included:
–    Partnered Stretching to get a better stretch
–    Improve flexibility
–    Reduce risk of injury
–    30 minutes