• How to Keep Slim Over Christmas

    How to Keep Slim Over Christmas

    With so many tempting treats on showcase, Christmas is, no doubt, one of the most difficult times to stay on top of your fitness game. While a little holiday indulgence is a must this time of the year, there is no reason to set aside your healthy habits and hard work in just a matter of a few days of Christmas cravings.

    Remember, it could take months to burn off that Yuletide bulge! The good news is, there are some helpful tricks that would allow you to enjoy a piece of cake during the foodie festivities without having to gain that annual five pounds. Here are four savvy tips to help you stay fit this holiday season.


    Brush Up on Your Fractions

    Christmas Food









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    You don’t need to deny yourself a slice of pie and feel miserable about it, just watch your portions. Make sure to load your plate up with veggies. This way, you’ll fill up on more nutritious holiday decadence than the indulgent stuff.

    If you find it difficult to manage the portions, make a game out of it. Choose the most delectable treats among the selection and limit yourself up to six bites of these delicious foods. Placing your focus on the very best stuff will help “change your mindset from one of deprivation to one of satisfaction,” notes one article.


    Drink Carbonated Water






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    It’s a fact: no holiday celebration is complete without cocktails and alcohol. But that isn’t a good enough reason to gulp down the extra calories. Stick to soda water, instead. If you really can’t help it, indulge in just one glass of sugary drink mixer and that’s it.


    Have Dessert First











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    You’ve read that right: there’s no need to skip dessert and there’s definitely no reason to eat it last! A study reveals that indulging in glucose-rich foods at the start of a meal would stop a person from overeating.

    The research suggests that when you satisfy your sweet tooth first, your brain will determine that you’ve had enough glucose for the day, allowing your body’s calorie-counting systems to kick in.


    Stay Active and Maximise Your Workout







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    We know, it’s a bummer to spend the day working out when there are dinner parties to attend to and holiday shopping to do here and there. But keep in mind, the single best thing you can do to keep those pounds from adding up over the holidays is to exercise. So squeeze in a few minutes of exercise in your day and amp up your workout to make it worth your while.

    Better yet, be more active all throughout the holidays. Don’t just feast on the buffet; take on the dance floor or play a game of cricket with the family and feel those calories burn.


    What is your secret to staying healthy this Christmas season?

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