• How To Get Back On Track After A Fitness Break?

    How To Get Back On Track After A Fitness Break?

    Fitness is a lifetime commitment.  For some, once they started, they will continue their routines throughout their lives, the degree may vary but fitness and health will always be one of their top priorities. But the majority of the people who are striving to get physically better often face a bump on their road to fitness and gave in to the temptations that are improper diet and laziness to exercise.

    It is understandably normal, given that even fitness enthusiasts and hard-trained athletes have cheat ‘days’. Additionally, given the number of holidays we have, it is just human nature to enjoy and indulge once in a while. But, some never recover and choose to turn their backs to the progress they have already made.

    If you have slipped into bad habits or let yourself off the hook day after day, you can be back with momentum and ease your way back to the fitness game.  And this time, try to live it and say no to lazy days and out of hand cravings.

    It’s you for you

    Remember who is it you’re doing all this for and make him/her accountable. Of course, that should be none other than you. The decision to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle—whether to lose weight or avoid chronic diseases, should be because you love and give importance to yourself, not because society pressures you to do it. It would be specifically harder for you if your decision to start (again) being healthy is by the wills of others.

    Because the greatest motivation lies within you, make yourself accountable—of every chip, you will eat, or every lazy day ‘I don’t wanna work out’ moment you will experience.

    Jumpstart your day

    The body’s natural processes are meant to start in the mornings—not when you choose to get up. We all know how hard can it be to leave the bed, but you just have to do it. Prepare everything before you go to bed the night before. Pick your workout wear, shoes, or pack your gym bag so it will not make you lazier to step out and sweat.

    Throw away temptation

    If there are chips readily available in your pantry, or leftover pizza waiting to be glorified again, chances are you will give in to temptation. Saying no to them may be hard, so better to give or throw them away—and never buy them again next time.

    Get yourself a gym buddy

    This is also one way of creating accountability. Find someone who has the same goals (which is to be healthy) and be each others’ motivational push.

    Closing Time

    Set a time frame when you can’t go to the kitchen, preferably after dinner. You can do this for a week or two and notice your eating habits change.

    Reward yourself…

    Not with food or cheat days, but with pampering and services on your body, like a massage or a scrub. Consider this a pat on the back, and also as a prize as well. You can also buy a new pair of running shoes, or an extra set of gym wear when you reach a goal.

    And remember how happy that made you feel, and strive to stick to your routines to feel that happiness again.

    These may all be simple steps, but if done constantly and continuously, your body will reap the rewards of helping you transition back to your lost healthy lifestyle. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself because it is normal to stay away from the habits that are not fully embedded in us—like working out daily, or choosing to eat healthy all the time.

    You are allowed to be tempted but stick to your goals this time. Keep in mind that every time you chose to give in to temptation, you drop every minute you spent in the gym, every sweat you broke and it will be harder the next time. So don’t stray away once you’ve established a routine!




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