• How to Choose an Ideal Personal Training Studio

    How to Choose an Ideal Personal Training Studio

    Working out regularly is, no doubt, good for one’s health and fitness. And doing it with an professional running the show is even better. However, with over hundreds of training studios across the country, where does one start when it comes to choosing the ideal personal training studio?

    Finding the tread to your mill or the kettle to your bell need not to be overwhelming. If you are looking for that perfect fitness haven, here are a couple of factors you need to take into account.

    The Credentials of the Studio’s Trainers

    Where did the trainers get their certification from?

    Whether you aim to shed a few kilos, build strength, or improve on agility, you will want to train with someone who got certified by a trusted and well-known organization. If it is not posted on the studio already, do not hesitate to ask your trainer-to-be where their certification came from.

    Better yet, do a little Google search. Checking websites that offer programs for personal training like the International Sports Society Association or ISSA allows you to find personal trainers in your region with proper credentials. Also, if you prefer a trainer with expertise in health and fitness, find one who holds a degree in kinesiology, exercise science, or physical education.

    The Studio’s Training Style

    Does the studio specializes in a style of training? Do you need a sport-specific training studio?

    If you have always wanted to try crossfit, suspension training, TRX or any other kind of training, or have specific goals to work for (deadlifting like a pro, getting in shape for outdoor climbing, conquering a handstand, or jumping across concretes like a true-blue parkour master), you may want to ensure that the personal training studio offers the training style that fits your bill.

    Interested in doing yoga? Look for a YogaFit certified studio. Want to do CrossFit? Make sure the studio has at least a CrossFit level I certificate. And list goes on. Whatever goals you have set for your training, make sure the studio’s trainers have been formally instructed to teach it.

    Rate per Session and Trainer Availability

    Is the cost per session of training within your budget?

    Cost is probably the biggest factor one may consider when looking for their ideal personal training studio. Generally, prices vary depending on the studio’s location. The best way to go about this is by doing comparisons between training studios in your area. Scout for a less expensive studio nearby by going from one studio to the other and talking to the trainers personally. Doing so is much better than looking the prices up on the internet as you may be able to work out a good deal when you discuss the fees with them upfront.

    Aside from inquiring about different fees and options (one-on-one sessions, semi-private workouts, group classes, or buying sessions in bulk), you should also find out about your potential trainer’s schedule. Do they meet clients the same time each week? Is there a cancellation policy? Do you need to book for an appointment or simply walk-in the studio? Is it possible to make up for missed training sessions?

    Coaching Style

    Do you want a cheerleader-type of trainer who congratulates you on every tiny victory or do you prefer a strict, drill sergeant-type who is all about going faster, heavier, and harder?

    Before answering that, think about your learning style first. If you are the type who picks up an exercise by having it demonstrated to you repeatedly, you may want someone who has a lot of patience to go through the smallest component of the movement. Once you figure that out, you can decide whether you like the easy-going motivator, or the stern personal trainer.

    According to one study, people usually get motivated when their personal trainer gives them ongoing support, although a separate study shows that there are some trainees who prefer someone who encourages autonomy.

    Each personal training studio has trainers with different coaching styles, methodologies, and personalities. To find one that suits your criteria, ask the trainers themselves or check in with someone you know who trains with your prospective coach.

    References and Testimonials

    Does the studio have remarkable reviews and testimonials? Do they have current clients that can vouch for the quality of service they offer?

    Ask for client references in order to get the inside scoop about the studio and its trainers, and what it’s like to be their client. Find out how adept the studio’s trainers are at giving instructions and explaining methodologies. You may want to talk to current and previous clients with goals and traits similar to yours. Trainers who already worked with people like you may likely better understand your needs and challenges.

    Also, see if the clients were satisfied with their results as well as their experience in the studio. You can ask your fellow health enthusiast, too, if they can recommend any good trainer who works at a nearby studio.

    Fitness Trends and New Research

    Do they stay up-to-date with new research studies and the latest fitness trends?

    Ever since, fitness has been an important aspect of life. What’s more is that it‘s evolving, hence it is critical for training studios to stay on top of it. Extensive expertise and knowledge about fitness should be every health buff’s main criterion when looking for a personal training studio. A good studio employs trainers who are able to talk about various training styles, as well as the upsides and downsides of each. They should also be able to embrace the different trends and adapt to them so that they can tailor diverse workout programs for their clients.

    With the fitness craze growing more and more popular these days, there is no doubt that active lifestyle is here to stay. If you haven’t found the right personal training studio for you, head to Back on Track Fitness Studio for some fun and challenging workouts with a skilled and experienced personal trainer.

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