• Fitness Secrets of Women at their 40’s (Infographic)

    Fitness Secrets of Women at their 40’s (Infographic)

    As the popular saying goes, “Life begins at 40”, many women by this time has probably everything they can possibly wish for—an established career, a grounded family and the time for herself, among others. At forty, women know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it.

    But, no one can deny the fact that during this age, their bodies are experiencing changes that may be new to them: wrinkles and fine lines starting to show on their faces, saggy skin around their arms and a much bigger waistline, thighs and behinds. Though it is a fallacy that a person’s metabolism slows down as he/she ages, it is a normal phenomenon for women at their forties to gain more weight and be mindless of their fitness.

    Though it maybe the norm to experience changes in their bodies, middle-aged women should not neglect their overall well-being and health, which they would find beneficial over time.

    So what’s a woman got to do? Here are some secrets you need to know in order to stay at the top of your game.Fitness Secrets women at their 40's Infographic

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