• Exercises You Can Do At Work (Infographic)

    Exercises You Can Do At Work (Infographic)

    A typical adult sits in a desk chair at work for at least six-seven hours a day, add to that a sitting-down commute both ways. When he/she gets home, chances are he/she would relax, de-stress and slouch in front of the television for a good couple of hours. Thinking about it, a regular office worker spends almost half of the day sitting down, and according to studies, it can increase your chances of dying prematurely.

    Do you have rather many excuses than amounts of exercise, because of work? No time, limited space and so on? Good news! As our life gets busier each day, many fitness experts have been developing small exercises you can do at work, in your office and under the desk. These “Deskercises”, as they call it, don’t promise six-pack abs or slimmer arms in no time, but will definitely improve your strength and burn a few unwanted calories. These moves were recommended by experts whose jobs involve studying motion, preventing obesity and generally getting people off their duffs.

    Be it cardio or strength training for specific areas in your body, here are expert-designed routines that can be done in the office!

    exercises you can do at work


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