• Debunking the Myth of ‘Too Old to Be Fit’

    Debunking the Myth of ‘Too Old to Be Fit’

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

    We oftentimes hear comments like “Their time has already passed.” Or “They should have different priorities by now.” whenever we talk about the fitness of the Baby Boomers Generation. Aging from 30-50 years old, probably the most common misconceptions about their age group is that their focus should be on their careers, on their families, but never their health and fitness. Besides, people tend to believe that they are “too young to worry about their health.”

    Now, more than ever, it is important to start erasing the stigma that “older” people can not do activities—such as enrolling in a fitness program and going to the gym, that will do wonders to their health and well being.

    It is never too late for you.

     There is no ‘ideal’ age of starting to be fit and healthy. Numerous studies have shown that age is not a variable that determines the capability of a person to exercise and go to the gym. It is also not true that working out can do more harm than good to your heart and lungs, as long as you don’t push yourself to the limit and allowing yourself to rest. As a matter of fact, the more you participate in any form of aerobic activity, the more efficient your heart and lungs become.

     Don’t worry. You will fit in.

    Some people are intimidated to go workout in a gym because they believe that it will be full of people from other age groups—the gen x and y, most likely. According to different surveys, the average age of a gym-goer is 40, so stop thinking that you will be the oldest one in the bunch.

     You are not going to get hurt.

    The fear of getting yourself injured while exercising can be discouraging, but, keep in mind that there are a lot of instructors (and probably concerned co gym-goer) who might notify you if your doing something the wrong way. You can always approach them if you have questions.

    Remember that these facilities aim to keep you in your greatest shape, and as well as teach you ways to do it in a safe and secured manner. The gym, the people and the equipment won’t eat you alive.

    Yes, you have the time.

    We are over with the excuse of not having enough time to work out and exercise, because when you have a few minutes to spare watching the television or waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning, you have the time to get physical!

    Incorporate everyday activities with exercise or opt for alternatives that will make you move more—take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk your way to work.

    It would be fun.

    If you have been complaining of stress and over fatigue from work, exercising might just let you loose and relax your muscles! Working out is one way of distressing, and yes, science can prove it. When a person works out, the body releases a chemical called endorphins that triggers a positive feeling, allowing relief, comparable to the effects of morphine—a painkiller.

    Look forward to your workout days, instead of dreading them. See it as an avenue to release all the tension, stress and challenges you encountered in work. This may sound like a cliché’ but exercising can be fun. Try Zumba or Aerobic dancing. Go swimming instead of running! Whatever you can do to take the word “work” out from working out.

    Remember, exercising is not a form of punishment. The most effective exercise programs are the ones you enjoy doing, so go get warmed up, go slow if you need to, stay hydrated and get fueled!

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