At Back on Track Fitness we aim to deliver a high class Personal Training program to clients who are mainly between the ages of 30-55yrs and lead busy and stressful lives. We are ‘results orientated’ and strive to get the most out of our members.

We find success by grouping members up with others of similar abilities and goals. This creates a competitive yet friendly environment that pushes every single member to get the best possible results. Over many years, we have found that when members with similar abilities and goals are matched up, adherence to exercise greatly improves due to the social aspect as well as the good workout. Great results are the side effect of a great environment.

Our Mission is to offer affordable Personal Training to those who are ready for a big change in their life. Not only a fitness facility, we are a community that encourages all to get the most out of life. We cater to those that are busy, overweight, run down and may have serious health issues