• 7 Things Only People Who Regularly Exercise Will Understand

    7 Things Only People Who Regularly Exercise Will Understand

    aerobics-739661_1280Although being a fitness freak can be exhausting, you know that fitting workout sessions in your busy schedule is a great habit to get into. Besides getting the benefit of improved health and increased energy, regular exercise ensures that your overall well-being will stay fit much later in life.

    But as a health and fitness buff who knows precisely what and how much you need to eat and exactly how far you should push yourself to maintain your ideal body, we’re sure that you have come across some things and experienced difficulties that people who do not workout won’t relate to. Whether you are a cross training fiend, a cardio maniac, or a lift enthusiast, these seven things are ones only a workout lover like you will understand.



    1. Food Cravings

    Even superheroes get cravings. But truth be told, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you pass by that pastry shop, see the doughnut you’ve been eyeing for days, and know that it isn’t cheat day yet so you force yourself to look away and hope the cravings subside.


    2. A Closet Full of Workout Clothes

    When most of your idle time is spent working out, why would you ever want to wear denim? Stretchy spandex, yoga pants, and sports bras are your jam.


    3. Post-Workout Shower Bliss

    Some people may say this isn’t a good practice, but you know all too well that making time for a quick shower post-exercise is better when you’re sweaty. Besides that satisfying feeling of smelling fresh and being revitalized, post-workout showers give you clearer skin. “It’s not the smell of sweat that you have to worry about, but the fact that perspiration left behind on your skin allows bacteria to proliferate, and that can lead to rashes and breakouts,” explains CBS News medical contributor, Holly L. Phillips, M.D.


    4. A Large Pile of Laundry To Do

    When you are single and living on your own, there is no such reason to do so much laundry, unless, of course, you exercise every chance you get.


    5. Horrible Instructor

    What could be worse that feeling awkward in a new class? You guessed it: an instructor from hell. Just when you decide to try a new (supposedly fun) class, you get a bad trainer. Great. Just great.


    6. Pesky Slow Walkers

    People in the streets who have no regards for others are a serious buzzkill, more so when they get in your way during a jog or sprint interval.


    7. The Pain You Feel the Next Day

    Unlike those who hate exercise, you embrace the pain of the day after a good sweat session. Although getting up from your chair makes you look like an old person and waddling around the office makes you look robotic, you secretly love the feeling and actually look forward to another intense workout.



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