• 7 Exercise Habits That Age Your Body

    7 Exercise Habits That Age Your Body

    All this time, experts, doctors, scientists and even your gym instructor have been reiterating the importance of exercising. Of course, you are aware that there are wrong ways of doing it.  But did you know that that you can actually ‘age’ and add years to your body if you are doing these 5 mistakes?

    Here are the five most common exercise habits that age you, and what you should actually do.

    You don’t take a break.

    Workout routines are designed with intervals and rests spread through the whole process for a reason. But, if you are just starting out—or just getting back on track, you can rest as much as you want and eventually build up your pace and endurance. If you’re tired, go rest.

    Not allowing your body to have enough time to recover, heal and rest can age you.  Think of your body as a machine, if you use it despite its need for repair, you can really cause it more harm and pain that it already endures.

    You’re too intense.

    Many people like doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because of its benefits: you burn more calories in much lesser time, and you continue burning even after you’re done training.

    But, the body needs balance—as per everything. If all you focus on is doing HIIT, you put your body at a higher risk for injury, as well as chances of wear and tear on your body. In fact, studies show that these high-intensity workout routines can cause rhabdomyolysis, which is  the breakdown of muscle fibers so severely that it can even lead to kidney damage and even fatality.

    Cardio is all you do.

    Again, our body needs balance. Having said that, if you just do cardio workouts, then you can also age your body more than you’ll ever know. As you age, your muscles slowly lose its function, either a use it or lose it situation.

    Failing to strengthen your muscles during your age now could lead to a less-than-firm-body.

    You’re moving too fast.

    Exercising—just like everything else, needs to have a process, a build up and involves a step by step development. When working out, the importance of warm up is oftentimes underestimated and ignored.

    The chances of injury are greater if you don’t warm up first before diving into exercising. It’s the same thing when you’re a newbie (or a newbie again) and you decided to jump right in and do intense and long workouts. Also, the release of inflammatory chemical occurs like thyroid hormones and cytokines, which makes the recovery harder and impacts the immune system in general.

    You don’t invest in the right tools.

    Your health should never be compromised by money—or the lack thereof. When you decided to give more attention to your general fitness, it is an investment for a better future, health wise.

    If you find yourself always bargaining for the cheaper and least quality sports equipment like rubber shoes, exercise mats and the like, the chances of aging your body are more likely. The support you should be getting from these gear and tools will not be enough, and chances of accidents could be higher and you are actually sabotaging all your efforts in being healthy.

    You exercise even without sleep.

    Not only it can damage your breathing, it also takes away the time your body should be repairing your systems. Working out without enough sleep could really be dangerous, for it can cause more accidents, slips and falls and makes exercising feel a lot harder.

    Your diet is still poor.

    You can never out-exercise all the bad choices you made with food. And actually, there is some food that actually makes your body age faster than usual. Studies find that eating an imbalanced diet doesn’t only cause malnutrition, it can also cause your body feel and look a lot older than your actual age.

    Eating a lot of desserts, having excess coffee sips and cutting fat drastically can all contribute to your body’s faster aging, as well as the other impacts it can bring about your health. At the end of the day, a balanced diet is still the best way to accompany working out to achieve your fitness goals.


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