• 5 Reasons Why you Can’t Achieve your Fitness Goals

    5 Reasons Why you Can’t Achieve your Fitness Goals

    You’ve been religious to your workout routines. You have watched out what you were eating. You get the right nutrition. But why can’t you ever reach your fitness goals?

    Majority of the fitness trainers and experts believe that the problem lies within a person, and it is embedded real deep within their selves. It has got to have something to do with will, motivation and the power of the mind.

    Failing to achieve their goals is one of the most popular reasons why people quit—or don’t even try living a healthy life. To make sure that you reap what you sow, make sure that you avoid these common pitfalls and keep your motivation alive.

    Poor Planning

    Majority of the time, many people fail at their health and fitness goals because of poor planning—in a sense that they fail to calculate the other circumstances that are included and needed in the process of achieving their goals.

    Whatever your goal may be, having a clear and precise understanding of what is required of you and determining how you will go about completing theses responsibilities must be your first steps before you take any actions.  Neglecting or not seeking out the important information that is essential to your success will only doom your efforts before you begin your mission. 

    Unrealistic Expectations and Goals

    Let’s face it: some goals of other people are unrealistic and can seem to be impossible to happen—no matter how hard they work for it. Everybody knows you can’t lose fifty pounds in the first month of your program, or gain muscle mass in just a few trips to the gym.

    It is a process, a journey, and it is a long one. The entire process demands your attention, such as healthy eating, proper rest and attending your workout sessions. Your perception drives your behavior and your behavior creates your habits.  The habits that you cultivate will bring about the desired result, rather it is what you want or not. 

    Fear of Failure

    Fear limits people. For some, they don’t even dare to try because they’re scared of not making it happen. The fear of having to sacrifice and commit to a new way of living leaves us stuck in the stage of contemplation. 

    No one ever really wins at everything and no one really never experienced failure. But, remember that failure is not the end of everything, and it is just a level of perception if you want to stop trying.


    In a time when the word ‘instant’ covers everything from coffee, food, and results, many people find waiting a waste of time, and actually a reason for them to quit and forget about their goals.

    Losing weight or building muscle doesn’t happen overnight. That’s a hard fact to achieve for people who grew impatient. They tend to be frustrated and disappointed when, after all, their hard work, they can’t seem to see the results.

    This is all a part of the process and as boring and mundane as it is, it is a requirement that you stick to the grind during this stage of change. Of course, consistency is needed, but the most important thing is being patient and trusting the process.

    Not Having a strong and deep ‘Why’ 

    Surprisingly, this is the problem with most people. Whether they are not fully aware, or they don’t have a ‘why’ at all. The ‘why’ varies from people to people. It could be for better health, to live longer, to build confidence, etc. Your reason in pursuing and doing all the hard work of sticking to your fitness goals should be clear, or else you can easily be disheartened, distracted, maybe. Your purpose for taking action is going to be the deciding factor between success and failure.

    Having a strong commitment to your reason is important in achieving your fitness goals. In a world where it is acceptable and tempting to just let it be and opt for the easy way out, only people with a strong sense of why can really achieve the goals they set—whether it’s about their health or other things in life.

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