• 5 Quick and Simple Exercises for the Busy Person

    5 Quick and Simple Exercises for the Busy Person

    It’s easy to dismiss working out, especially when your schedule is fully booked with work stuff and personal errands. Between family and work responsibilities, a trip to the gym can be difficult to fit in. But that does not mean you can’t sneak in a good workout in your hectic day.

    Whether you want to lose weight or tone your muscles, here are simple exercises that you can squeeze into your schedule no matter how busy it is—so stop dilly-dallying and start sweating!



    Sitting at the desk a good majority of the day can make one feel stiff and even bloated at times. Plank is an effective and intensive exercise that you can do between breaks. It tightens your core muscles and strengthens your back. It can also tone your tummy, minus the boring crunch routine. All you need are a couple of minutes and a flat surface and you’re set.

    We know it’s hard to believe that this simple move can offer such a good muscle workout. You just have to try it yourself.



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    Because burpees use almost every muscle group in your body, they are considered the ultimate total body workout. This aerobic exercise not only improves one’s endurance and strength but also enhances one’s power output. What’s more, you don’t need any equipment to do it. Like any routines, burpees can be performed in different ways. But regardless of technique, proper form is the key to producing results.

    Chair Dips


    If you don’t have much room in your office cubicle for high-intensity moves, don’t be discouraged. There are lots of exercises you can do regardless of how much space (and time) you have available—one of which is the classic chair dip. It will help strengthen your triceps, chest, and front shoulders. Plus, you can do it just about anywhere.



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    Squats are easy workouts that you can do even while blow-drying your hair. This full body exercise can simultaneously work to burn fat and build muscle. To ensure you have the proper form, use a chair as your reference point as to how far down you have to squat. This simple move does not only tone your thighs, hamstrings, and butt but also challenges your entire body.

    Arm Circles


    Another simple arm workout you can do without leaving your seat is the arm circle. It requires little time and concentration, so you can do it while at your work desk. This move is great at toning and strengthening the arms. But don’t let its simplicity deceive you. While it looks easy, arm circles can make you feel the burn if done in varying intensity. To make it even more challenging, grab a binder or a book for the extra weight.

    Be creative in your exercise regimen. For the busy person, the goal is to initiate more intense workouts. Remember, any kind of active movement is beneficial, so take advantage of what little space is available and what little free time remains in your day. Better yet, incorporate your exercises into your daily chores and you’ll see results in no time!


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