• 5 Fun and Innovative Exercises to Try

    5 Fun and Innovative Exercises to Try

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    Fitness routines can get boring at some point—even workout geeks sometimes feel the need to spice things up a bit. Fortunately today, there are countless game-changing and inventive workout experiences that are cropping up cross-country. From doing a combination of workouts that include cardio and weight training to taking your yoga practice mid-air, these exercise trends are completely reinventing traditional workout routines.

    If your usual exercise routine has run its course for you, check out some of these crazy-creative, fun, and effective ways to get in shape.

    #1: Buti Yoga

    Buti Yoga is a hybrid workout that fuses power yoga, plyometric moves, and tribal dance for a deeper toning and more intense cardio. This type of sweat session will help you do everything, from cardio and toning to yoga and fun dance moves.

    #2: CrossFit

    Considered as the “sport of fitness,” CrossFit is a program that combines gymnastics, aerobic conditioning, and Olympic weightlifting with old-fashioned workout elements, such as rope climbs, sledgehammer, kettlebells, and tire flipping. Based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this type of workout will help you get more physiological results faster than low or moderate intensity exercises like jogging. CrossFit’s constantly varied WODs (workouts of the day) also makes the exercise fun because you get to switch up what you do every day.

    #3: Aerial Yoga

    If you are looking for a new yoga challenge, you might find Namaste up in the air with anti-gravity yoga. This type of yoga adapts conventional yoga movements. The difference is that you do them while in a silk hammock hanging from the ceiling. Aerial yoga allows you to maneuver and twist your way into the poses while relieving your stress, improving your flexibility, strengthening your muscles, and working your core.

    #4: Indoor Surfing

    Who says surfing is limited to surfers? With indoor surfing studios starting to pop up, even non-surfers are starting to gain body-sculpting benefits from the sport. This boutique class takes inspiration from real surfing movements to develop a workout that focuses on core strength, balance, and aerobic conditioning.

    The surf board-like machine used in this class strengthens your peripheral muscles and forces your body to utilise its core to stay atop the equipment. So it will not only define your muscles but also improve your balance and strength without ever getting your feet wet.

    #5: Trampoline Exercise

    Do you remember playing on the trampoline and thinking how fun and exhilarating it was? Well, you do not have to outgrow that feeling because trampolines are becoming a thing in the world of fitness right now. While it may seem like a childlike thing to do, trampoline workouts are actually quite physically demanding. These cardio classes offer intensive and heart-pounding workouts that you can do in the gym or at home to help improve your leg power and tighten your abs.

    No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be an ideal workout for you; you simply have to try and experience new things to find it. If traditional workouts are making you feel uninspired to exercise, maybe one of these trends could be your ticket to a more motivated and stronger you.

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